Special Election Period to Enroll in a 5-Star Plan
  1. An eligible individual may use this Special Election Period to enroll in a 5-Star plan during the year that the plan has a 5-Star rating.
    1. The 5-Star rating will apply to a plan for a calendar year (January to December).
      1. Star Ratings are released by CMS in October of each year. If a plan was assigned a 5-Star Rating this Special Election period would apply to the upcoming year.
    1. Individuals can switch from an MA plan, a PDP, a cost plan or Original Medicare to an MA-only plan, an MA-PD plan, a PDP or a cost plan that has a 5-star overall rating.
      1. NOTE: If an individual would leave a plan with Part D coverage to enroll in a 5-Star MA plan (no-Rx), he or she would lose their Part D prescription drug coverage and would NOT be able to enroll in another Part D plan until a qualified subsequent election period (e.g., Annual Election Period).
    1. The enrollment effective date when enrolling into a 5-Star plan is the first of the month following the month in which the 5-Star Plan receives the enrollment request.
      1. An individual may use this SEP only one time from December 8 (prior year) through November 30 of the year in which the organization has been granted a 5-star overall rating.